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We specialise in AV Equipmemt rental for Events and Exhibitions.

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Rentoserv believes in treasuring to the needs of the guests.

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Rentoserv has 10+ years of experience in this market has a high reputed

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    Rentoserv is reckoned for providing renting service of Laptops & Desktops, Plasma Displays, LED Wall, LCDs & LEDs Apple-MAC, iPad, Security Equipments, Office Equipments, Projectors, Printers and accessories. We are at the heart of the IT industry as we continue providing Renting Solutions to the niche market segment. Each year of struggle and perseverance has transformed many aspirations into a favourable reality.


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    Let's bring your vision to life. Contact us today for expert event planning solutions!


    Elevate your meetings with crystal-clear video conferencing solutions for seamless communication and collaboration.


    Engage your audience with flawless live streaming capabilities, delivering your content with professionalism and precision.


    Streamline your virtual gatherings with Rentoserv's Zoom meeting services, ensuring smooth and efficient online interactions.


    High Speed Internet

    Experience seamless connectivity with Rentoserv’s high-speed internet services, designed to enhance your digital interactions. Whether you’re hosting important video conferences, engaging in dynamic Zoom meetings, or broadcasting live events, our reliable connection ensures uninterrupted communication. Say goodbye to lag and buffering as you effortlessly collaborate with colleagues, clients, or friends from anywhere in the world. With Rentoserv, you can rely on fast and stable internet to facilitate smooth video conferencing experiences, enabling clear communication and effective collaboration. Whether you’re conducting business meetings, educational sessions, or virtual events, our high-speed internet ensures that you stay connected and productive. Elevate your online presence with effortless live streaming, delivering your content to audiences with precision and clarity. Trust Rentoserv to provide the connectivity you need for seamless digital interactions, empowering you to stay connected, informed, and engaged in today’s fast-paced world.

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    Rentoserv offers convenient rental solutions for all your tech needs. From laptops and desktops to projectors, plasma TVs, and LED walls, we’ve got you covered with top-quality equipment at affordable rates.

    Laptop on Rent

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    Projector on Rent

    Projector is an output device that projects an image on white screen…

    Desktop On Rent

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    Audio Visual Equipment on Rent

    Audio Visual Equipment – Rentoserv is Audio Visual…

    Plasma TV on Rent

    Welcome to Rentoserv, leading plasma tv rental services provider…

    Apple & Macbook on Rent

    Rentoserv, situated in Delhi, provide Mac laptop on…

    LED Wall on Rent

    Rentoserv is one of the most qualified and experienced companies…

    Wedding Event Planner

    Rentoserv is a professional wedding planner…


    IT Rental Services We Offer You.

    At Rentoserv, we specialize in crafting unforgettable moments tailored to your vision. Our range of services ensures every occasion is a seamless blend of creativity and precision. Whether it’s the joyous celebration of a birthday, the timeless romance of a wedding, or the professional polish of a corporate event, we orchestrate each detail with finesse. From concept to execution, our experienced team transforms your dreams into reality, offering meticulous planning for every aspect. Dive into a world of themed extravagance or elevate your brand with a flawless product launch. With Rentoserv, your event becomes an immersive experience that captivates and inspires.


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    Please contact us by email at info@rentoserv.com or by phone at +91-9910277158 seven days a week

    Availability Of Equipment

    Rento Serv has the right equipment for both professional broadcast and amateurs filmmakers. Our equipment rental service has the latest 4K cameras, Aerial filming kits, and a wide range of lighting and camera support systems and accessories.

    Which equipment is suitable for me for 360 production?

    After our research we assume the best equipment for starters to work in 4K resolution or higher would be a rig with 8-10 GoPros attached.

    Work Done by Rento Serve Equipment

    We works with great brands from all around the world, and we pride ourselves on break through work that delivers results. Click here for Outstanding Work Done us.

    For all your digital needs, we deliver quality without high costs.

    Affordable digital solutions tailored to your requirements, delivered hassle-free.


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